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2020年01月07日 AEMS澳大利亚教育与移民服务

Cafe or Restaurant manager is listed in the occupation list for WA State nomination in December 2019, so what is the chance for people to migrate with this new occupation? AEMS will explore it for all the concerned customers.

Cafe or Restaurant Manager

The WA state government has released some new details on December 9th, 2019 as below.

Among all the newly updated occupations we could see many VET related occupations, including 141111: Cafe or Restaurant Manager.

141111: Cafe or Restaurant Manager

As we believe, this is a new pathway for those who are studying or going to study in Chef area.

Most importantly, 141111 is on both 190 and 491 visa list, the requirements is relatively lower than becoming a chef.

Job Descriptions of 141111 Cafe or Restaurant Manager

Organize and control the operations of a cafe, restaurant or related establishment to provide dining and catering services.

Alternative titles of 141111 Cafe or Restaurant Manager

  • Food and Beverage Mangaer

  • Restauranteur

  • Canteen Manager

  • Caterer

  • Internet Cafe Manager

Skill level for 141111 Cafe or Restaurant Manager

In Australia: AQF Associate Degree, Advanced Diploma or Diploma (ANZSCO Skill Level 2)

Skill Assessment

The skill assessment authority is VETASSESS, the working experience is required.

Details of the skill assessments for cafe or restaurant manager are listed below.

In other words, candidate needs to complete the relevant course and one year experience would pass the skill assessment.

Relevant Courses

Diploma of hospitality

Advanced diploma of hospitality

Bachelor of hospitality


If the qualification is in a field highly relevant to the occupation, then one year of highly relevant, post-qualification employment is required. This must be within the past five years.



WA State Nomination 190/191


Education requirements

Two years full time study in WA, including English, VET, Bachelor or higher education.

AEMS Reminds 

WA whole state is considered as regional area, thus for those who study in WA would have extra 5 points for regional study.

Working experience requirements


Must meet the requirements of working experience, 6 months closely related working experience 


a 6-month job offer/ contract

according to the new policy, the candidate only needs to fulfill one of the two requirements would be alright.

AEMS Reminds

As cafe or Restaurant Manager, skill assessment still requires the candidate must have one-year working experience.

English requirements

English requirements for WA state nomination have been changed a lot.

In a word, the occupations start with 1 or 2, must have a minimum score of four 7s.

For instance:

Cafe or Restaurant Manager 141111




Two years study in Australia:5

English:Four 7,10

1 year in Australia Working experience:          5

WA Two years study:5


WA State nomination 190:5


If you can achieve this, basically we call it a piece of cake to get a PR in WA.

Comparing with Tas

Lots of people probably ask why not choose Tasmania?

While the Tasmania state nomination has changed, for students in the hospitality industry, at least 3 years post qualification management experience in large scale restaurants is required.

AEMS Reminds 

It is time to return to WA, especially for those people who had studied in WA now living in Tasmania.


The first step of migration to Australia for most people is skill assessment, and WA has renewed its occupation list for state nomination, it is much easier for graduates to migrate to Australia if you study in WA.

For those who have concerns about state nomination of cafe or restaurant manager, please contact AEMS we will provide a detailed consultation.



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